About us

We are a paintball team located in Montreal, Quebec. We are very devoted to our sport and spend a lot of time and money practicing. We spend a total of about 3 hours on the subway to reach the nearest paintball field. We are a woodsball/MilSim team so we participate in only woodsball/MilSim events and tournaments.
We practice weekly at Action500 in Montreal. As far a commitment goes, we are a very determined team, proof of that is we make a total of 3 hours a day commuting. We also practice for around 10-12 hours a day nearly twice a week, every week. We have also participated in many of the tournaments held there. As Canadians, we are fluent in both English and French

Captain Information:

 As Captain, I have little to no command with the team because everybody on the team deserves to be captain, due to our various skills and different things we contribute to the team it was very difficult to decide. The only reason I was chosen was due to my small amount more of experience. I truly believe that if I weren’t Captain, anybody else on the team would fill the spot to the letter.
Thank you,
Callum McInnes.