Entry Criteria

1: Must have a significant amount of experience in the sport of paintball
2: To join, you need the consensus of the Team to accept you
3: You need to be able to attend the weekly practices with a few exceptions
4: You need to have your own equipment
5: You need to attend 5 straight practices to be considered for the team
6: You must mail us a list of equipment and your Bio
7: You have to pass a number of tests
8: You have to apply for a certain role, and only roles that are available
9: You need to buy the team clothing and apparel

The tests:

General Test:

1). Moving Target Test. One person will run from Point A to Point B in a straight line. The person being tested will have to shoot him. This could be a useful test for Front, Middle and Back players.

2). There two people, one unarmed and the other with a gun, they are trying to capture a flag. Get it before they do.

3) To show that you are able to use cover, you will need to move from point A to point B while somebody fires at you, trying to suppress you. You must reach you destination in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Front Tests:

Front Test 1: You are behind cover, suppressed, and you must be able to get out of that position and rush the enemy.

Front Test 2: There is a building or room with three enemies inside. You must clear the building tactically without putting yourself in a position where the enemy can kill you. No paintballs will be used, only air.
Mid Tests:

Mid Test 1:
There are 2 people behind a building and you are standing in the open. You get 100 shots and you need to keep them behind the building.

Mid Test 2:
 2 vs the whole team, you and a friend have to capture the flag, but you are the only person with a gun and you need to cover him.

Back tests:

Back Test 1:
It is 3 on 2 and in the three, one is a sniper with 200 rounds and is in a tower, covering two unarmed civilians, the other two have guns. The object is that the ìsniperî needs to get the unarmed civilians to an objective. The two are not allowed to shoot the sniper.

Back Test 2:
Advanced Target Shooting Test:
 The same as the previous test, except with two moving human targets, and one stationary, armed human target.