Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rap4 T68 Marker

If you're a player that plays with magazine fed guns, you probably play with a Milsig, or Tiberius, correct? Well here's one you might not have seen, and for what it's worth, it's about time you do.

The Rap4 T68 Paintball Gun is a magazine fed paintball marker that shoots 0.68 cal. paint, so any field will accept it. It's modelled after the M4 assault rifle, used in the U.S. military, complete right down to the M4 style charging handle. Sound cool?

But that's not where the features end. The marker comes with a built-in internal flexi-air system (or in simpler terms, tank in stock), with no less than 9 air system options. And if you want the extra realism, you can pick up the Rap4 Firestorm E-Trigger with a 3-point selector switch, allowing for Semi, Burst, and full auto. It can also be hopper-fed, for the purists out there. But, one of the most noteworthy features of the T68 is that, for 50$ extra, or only 25$ extra upon purchase/setup, the marker comes with the Splitfire feed system, allowing you to change from hopper to magazine feed. In seconds.

We, unfortunately, couldn't get our own test video, so here is what players in the Hollywood Sports Park think of it.


This is also possibly one of the most customizable mag-fed markers I've ever seen. Look at some of the following configurations.

Some might not be convinced yet about the customizability.

I can safely that sure, it's no A5, but take a look at this:

Good luck getting your Milsig to look like that.

Bottom line is, we were hard pressed to find a more realistic looking marker on the market, and with all the features included, customization options, and comparatively low price of only 450$, this could be one of the best options for realism, scenario games, and woodsball overall.


T68 M4 Gen6 - Magazine Fed Paintball Gun

For more information, visit www.rap4.com

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A lot of players want to complete their marker setup with pistols, so we just wanted to do a run-down of pistols, including price, and manufacturer details.

Rap4 (http://www.rap4.com/)

It's safe to say pistols are one of Rap4's biggest exports, so much so they've got pages full of them. Some of the most noteworthy ones are the following:

RAM Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol (EX Version)

We actually have one of these in our team, so we can truthfully say, this thing is badass. It shoots .43 calibre paint, which is both good and bad, because while it does maintain a more realistic size, it is not usable at some fields. A full-metal slide, with actual working blowback action, makes this easily the most intimidating - and realistic - paintball pistol any of us at Black Ops Legion have ever shot.

RAP4 Combat Pistol (Black)
On sale $159.00

The Rap4 Combat Pistol works on a similar premise to the above Desert Eagle. A blowback slide, external 12g CO2 air system, and .43 cal paint make this a realistic replica of the classic Glock pistol so many people are familiar with.

T68 Gen3 Paintball Pistol
On sale $125.00

This is a very intriguing pistol. While admittedly not the most realistic looking of guns, it's got a 10-reound magazine on the top of the gun, shoots .68 cal paint, and - get this - accepts an E-Trigger. You can finally have a full-auto pistol. And, additional parts such as stocks and barrels are available, allowing you to convert your pistol into a rifle. Very nice pistol.

Tippmann (http://www.tippmann.com/splash.aspx)

Tippmann® TPX® Paintball Pistol

The TPX is Tippmann's venture into the pistol market. The magazine holds 8 shots, and the CO2 is only punctured on the first trigger pull, ensuring that it doesn't leak out. Now, we had some problems with the early generations of this pistol, mainly accuracy and chopping, but they have upgraded it and came out with later models, and we have heard that the problems we encountered have been - for the most part - fixed.

BT Paintball / Empire (http://www.empirepaintball.com/)

BT Sa-17

We can't post a link for this one because we haven't struck a deal with Empire yet, but we can tell you that it retails at around 150$, can be converted into a rifle, and uses a spring-feed magazine system along the top, seen in the picture, which is great because instead of new magazines, which can cost up to 70$ depending on the gun, you can invest 1$ into a 10 round min-pod, and reload your spring-mag. Or you can put a hopper on it, either or.

Tiberius Arms (http://www.tiberiusarms.com/)

Tiberius T8.1

Like the SA-17, we haven't struck a deal with Tiberius, and so we can't post a direct link to the product, but we can tell you, based on our experiences with them, that these are hands-down the most accurate pistols we've seen to date. That said, they'll leave your wallet a good 300$ lighter, not counting the extra magazines, around 70$ each. But this gun can shoot First Strike paintballs, the most accurate ammo in the market. You can hit someone - with your pistol - at 500 feet. Hell of a shot, but possible. This is a very expensive, but also very accurate and reliable option.

This has been our quick run-down of pistols. We know these aren't all of them on the market, but there are a lot, so we decided to name just these ones, that we deemed noteworthy. All credit goes to the manufacturers, and please check them out.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We want to thank our newest sponsors, Zephyr Paintball, Badlands, and ANSGear, and are looking forward to supporting them in the coming season.




We'll keep up-to-date tracking of sponsors and specials.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tacmo Mag Kits

Tacamo Mag-Fed Kits Coming Soon!

Have you ever wanted a magazine-fed paintball marker, but don’t want to abandon your current marker, or didn’t have the money? Well, there’s about to be a solution, and can we say, it looks awesome. In April 2011, Tacamo Paintball will be releasing a kit that will turn your current marker (some restrictions apply) into a magazine fed marker. And for a fraction of the price. You can use your marker, with the same internals and look and feel, but adding the tactical element of a mag-fed gun. Some noteworthy features:

 - Improve handling, balance, natural point of aim
 - All necessary parts for conversion are included
 - You can still use your hopper when you need to
 - Completely replaces the body panels of your marker
 - Retain and use the marker’s internal parts and most accessories
 - Opens up your field of view
 - Breathe new life into old designs
 - Designed to enhance the aesthetics of your chosen marker
 - Takes you to a whole new level of tactical paintball!

But it gets better. If you are dissatisfied with the fewer shots given by a magazine, try RAP4’s brand new Box Magazine, allowing you to use 250 shots, loaded by pods in the sides of the box, and it feeds through the mag-well. Yeah, it’s awesome.

Pictured here: Tippmann A5 With Magazine Kit

The best part is your marker will work the same way as it currently does, minus the hopper.

Don’t believe it? Here’s a video of a converted A5 shooting fully automatic.

Keep in mind, we haven’t used this product yet, so the ultimate verdict will wait until April, but if what we’ve seen so far is any indication, we can’t wait.

The Tacamo Magazine Conversion Kit will be available for the following markers:

- Tippmann® 98®
- Tippmann® A5®
- Tippmann® X7®
 - Tippmann® Phenom®
- BT Paintball 4®
- Valken SW-1®
- US Army Carver One®
- US Army Project Salvo®
- US Army Alpha Black®

  Pre-order before 11-01-2010
  Pre-order after 11-01-2010
  Pre-order after 12-01-2010
  Pre-order after 01-01-2011
  Pre-order after 02-01-2011
  Pre-order after 03-01-2011

For more information visit www.tacamoPaintball.com or www.RAP4.com

Tuesday, November 16, 2010