Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tacmo Mag Kits

Tacamo Mag-Fed Kits Coming Soon!

Have you ever wanted a magazine-fed paintball marker, but don’t want to abandon your current marker, or didn’t have the money? Well, there’s about to be a solution, and can we say, it looks awesome. In April 2011, Tacamo Paintball will be releasing a kit that will turn your current marker (some restrictions apply) into a magazine fed marker. And for a fraction of the price. You can use your marker, with the same internals and look and feel, but adding the tactical element of a mag-fed gun. Some noteworthy features:

 - Improve handling, balance, natural point of aim
 - All necessary parts for conversion are included
 - You can still use your hopper when you need to
 - Completely replaces the body panels of your marker
 - Retain and use the marker’s internal parts and most accessories
 - Opens up your field of view
 - Breathe new life into old designs
 - Designed to enhance the aesthetics of your chosen marker
 - Takes you to a whole new level of tactical paintball!

But it gets better. If you are dissatisfied with the fewer shots given by a magazine, try RAP4’s brand new Box Magazine, allowing you to use 250 shots, loaded by pods in the sides of the box, and it feeds through the mag-well. Yeah, it’s awesome.

Pictured here: Tippmann A5 With Magazine Kit

The best part is your marker will work the same way as it currently does, minus the hopper.

Don’t believe it? Here’s a video of a converted A5 shooting fully automatic.

Keep in mind, we haven’t used this product yet, so the ultimate verdict will wait until April, but if what we’ve seen so far is any indication, we can’t wait.

The Tacamo Magazine Conversion Kit will be available for the following markers:

- Tippmann® 98®
- Tippmann® A5®
- Tippmann® X7®
 - Tippmann® Phenom®
- BT Paintball 4®
- Valken SW-1®
- US Army Carver One®
- US Army Project Salvo®
- US Army Alpha Black®

  Pre-order before 11-01-2010
  Pre-order after 11-01-2010
  Pre-order after 12-01-2010
  Pre-order after 01-01-2011
  Pre-order after 02-01-2011
  Pre-order after 03-01-2011

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Shockwave said...

I dont know much about paintballing but that looks epic.

Siphil said...

Man, I love paintball, but I haven't done it in about 4 years. I would love to get back into it.

Tommy H. said...

Good review! Haven't gotten any good paintball in in a while, though.

~Fabi said...

Interesting read.