Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rap4 T68 Marker

If you're a player that plays with magazine fed guns, you probably play with a Milsig, or Tiberius, correct? Well here's one you might not have seen, and for what it's worth, it's about time you do.

The Rap4 T68 Paintball Gun is a magazine fed paintball marker that shoots 0.68 cal. paint, so any field will accept it. It's modelled after the M4 assault rifle, used in the U.S. military, complete right down to the M4 style charging handle. Sound cool?

But that's not where the features end. The marker comes with a built-in internal flexi-air system (or in simpler terms, tank in stock), with no less than 9 air system options. And if you want the extra realism, you can pick up the Rap4 Firestorm E-Trigger with a 3-point selector switch, allowing for Semi, Burst, and full auto. It can also be hopper-fed, for the purists out there. But, one of the most noteworthy features of the T68 is that, for 50$ extra, or only 25$ extra upon purchase/setup, the marker comes with the Splitfire feed system, allowing you to change from hopper to magazine feed. In seconds.

We, unfortunately, couldn't get our own test video, so here is what players in the Hollywood Sports Park think of it.


This is also possibly one of the most customizable mag-fed markers I've ever seen. Look at some of the following configurations.

Some might not be convinced yet about the customizability.

I can safely that sure, it's no A5, but take a look at this:

Good luck getting your Milsig to look like that.

Bottom line is, we were hard pressed to find a more realistic looking marker on the market, and with all the features included, customization options, and comparatively low price of only 450$, this could be one of the best options for realism, scenario games, and woodsball overall.


T68 M4 Gen6 - Magazine Fed Paintball Gun

For more information, visit www.rap4.com

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